About Us

Here at Exposed we are a team but ultimately we are a family. We are a company that feeds off of our love for electronic dance music and the music industry itself. We strive to motivate the unique and passionate minds we have working here in order to push out relevant, informative, and engaging content to those who share our devotion to the EDM movement.

Alexandra Shafran | CEO & Founder

Being a music industry maven, I take my passion for the industry and want to integrate my love and energy for it into every aspect of my life. I enjoy dancing my heart out under electric skies, drowning myself in coffee, having intimate dates with my email inbox, and taking in the Chicago skyline that I call home.

Mike Fillare | CMO & Co-Founder

EDM isn’t just a genre of music, it is a movement and I am proud to be a part of it. To me, music is the most powerful form of communication. If I’m not listening to music, I’m sleeping but in my free time you can find me drinking Jack Daniels, getting lost on the NYC subway system, road tripping to music festivals, or watching superhero movies.

Hailey Sniderman | Artist Relations Manager

Music is religion: something I worship and have the upmost passion for. It is this drive
and love for music that has got me my start in this industry and now my work at Exposed. But
when I am not consuming my life with work, you can catch me on the sunny beaches of So. Cal
blasting some sweet dubstep beats, traveling to every event possible and cuddling up with a
bottle of wine & my puppy lost in a Netflix binge.

Jason Adamchak | Social Media Manager

I have a vision of changing the dance music community for the better one music festival at a time. Promoting peace, love, unity and respect inside and outside the rave culture is a lifestyle for me. If I am not working you can catch me at a show or music festival shuffling my butt of enjoying life just like any other ordinary raver. Let’s make the world a better place one rave at a time. #Tritonian4life

Leath Cao | Booking Director

With classical music training growing up, I’m always digging for that next big artist or track that has to be shouted from every rooftop and shared with the globe. When not busy taking in everything music the Big Apple has to offer, I’ll either be hooping out my inner Like Mike or slaying alien life forms online.