Artist Spotlight: A Deeper Look Into Brownies & Lemonade

by Jason Adamchak 7 months ago

Brownies & Lemonade are the perfect combinations on a hot summer day. However, these Brownies & Lemonade are not edible and have nothing to do with food or drinks. The question that usually speculates “what is Brownies & Lemonade?” Now, this may come to a shock to everyone reading this but Brownies & Lemonade is actually an organization that focuses on SoundCloud artists and they curate the ultimate party lineup for everyone in attendance. No one truly knows who will be at that party until they release the lineup. Caught your attention now? Good, because there are way more details about Brownies & Lemonade that Exposed is happy to share.

LA-based party Brownie & Lemonade’s all-day stage takeover will be taking place at Ultra Music Festival’s 20th anniversary. Kush Fernando, the founder of Brownies & Lemonade, throws parties that actually focus on Soundcloud artists who might be underlooked by big names in the dance music industry. Jose Guzman, co-founder of L.A. events group Brownies and Lemonade, would host outrageous college parties with Kush left and right. They kept the party going on to college because they deeply loved creating the experience and bringing the vibes together. Unfortunately, money was a huge issue and it was an obstacle that they needed to overcome. They overcame this challenge by visiting Soundcloud, which is a huge outlet for artists to broadcast their music on and focused booking lesser-known names through that platform and priced the tickets at a low cost so everyone could afford the party.

The party circulates to a younger crowd and to the whole “party vibe” instead of the typical vibe one would feel at a show or festival. It unites party people together and helps generate that old school feeling of a house party while creating a judgment free zone and leaving all the BS at the door. Skrillex, Anna Lunoe, Jai Wolf, Nina Las Vegas, Manila Killa, Mark Johns, Shawn Wasabi, CRNKN, and more have strongly supported this organization and have even played at a couple of the parties. That is what sets Brownies & Lemonade apart from any other organization. No matter how big the scene gets they never forget the roots of where this all came from and that is in direct correlation to the party scene. The party scene has helped dance music and djing evolve drastically over the years and Brownies & Lemonade found a way to glorify that.

Brownies & Lemonade is all about keeping the secrets from getting exposed and we respect that. So, this is all the information that Exposed can share and provide at this moment. However, we will share the lineup they have curated for Ultra Music Festival. There will also be a link for a documentary that goes into more depth about the organization and it is worth the watch. Do not sleep on Brownies & Lemonade because this is the best-kept secret that is sure to be Exposed in Miami. Never be afraid to explore different names or brands in music because it can lead to some great finds.



Jason Adamchak

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