Bonnie X Clyde – The Ride So Far

by Evan Holden 1 year ago

It’s long, it’s winding, and sometimes it’s really hard to see what’s to come, but that’s just how the ride goes. For the DJ duo Bonnie X Clyde the ride is just a part of their life, and they’ve been inviting people to join all along the way.The ride so far has definitely been one for the books; and more than warrants the kind of fan base they have built to date. Bonnie X Clyde first made themselves known at LIC Miami 2016 and followed through with the ‘Gunshine State Tour’ in 10 cities across Florida. Showcasing tracks such as: “The Ride”, “Rise Above”, “Closer”, and many others, Florida has solidified memories, and bolstered the two’s following. The tour was also subsidized by an incredible breakout performance at Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando. Bonnie X Clyde released their debut EP, “Wanted,” March 17th of this year, which amassed millions of streams and downloads, and is host to their headline single “Bass Jam”. “Bass Jam” made the climb and finally topped Sirius XM’s BPM Breaker, where it has stayed at #1 for 4 weeks now. There was already a lot of hype around the two; Bonnie X Clyde just upheld the hype.

The duo’s incredible success time and time again over the past couple years has lead to bigger and better things. To kick off 2017 the duo signed with powerhouses Insomniac Records and Circle Talent Agency. In the months to follow, there was announcement after announcement of the next venue to be booked and the next song to be released. One of the biggest venues being their appearance at EDC Las Vegas, with not only one but three sets played that weekend. One of the sets was played on the infamous art car, and there were a lot of headliners wanting to join the ride. Drawing a crowd of over 3 thousand festival goers to the not-so-sizeable stage was nothing but impressive.

Sirius took time to get Bonnie X Clyde’s thoughts on the performance and some of their recent successes.

Sirius – Describe your first EDC Las Vegas experience.

Bonnie – It was kind of indescribable. It’s like one of those things you dream about for a really long time and then it happened all at once. It was truly beautiful, the amount of people who came out for us at our sets and supported us. It felt like a family experience. Those people who stuck around to the end of our sets to take the family photo really made it extra special for us.

Clyde – Having to take a test in the middle of the two days and then having to fly back from LA was crazy but it was awesome to be able to play 3 sets in one festival.

Sirius – Your EP has has wild success so far with ‘Bass Jam’ being #1 on Sirius XM for 3 weeks and the other tracks being featured in almost every Insomniac trailer. How do you feel? Were you expecting this type of feedback?

BXC – We weren’t expecting this at all and are super thankful to Geronimo and the whole Sirius XM team for all the love and support they have showed us. The Insomniac team as well, they feel like family. We make a lot of goals for ourselves and we really feel like we achieved them.

Sirius – What’s to come in the future for you guys?

BXC – We have a radio show coming out soon called ‘The Hitlist’ which will be bi-monthly and will have a ton of cool mixes and new surprises for fans. We’re super excited about it.

The ride so far has been nothing but spectacular. However, as you have just read, Bonnie X Clyde don’t look like they will be making a stop anytime soon. With tour dates reaching into July and the extremely exciting promise of a bi-monthly BXC radio show it seems that the wheels on this ride are just going to keep turning. The ride can be long, winding, and sometimes it’s really hard to see what’s to come, but that doesn’t seem to slow Bonnie X Clyde down one bit. We will be expecting more music and more show announcements, and this on-fire duo will not disappoint. Listen up. Join the ride and follow along on Soundcloud, Twitter and Facebook.

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