Diplo’s Miami Launch Party Was a Massive Success

by Jason Adamchak 5 months ago

Move over Electric Area there is a new station in town. During Miami Music Week Diplo decided to host a launch party for his new station on SiriusXM called “Diplo’s Revolution,” which would be replacing Electric Area Ch. 52. The launch party was an invite only event and Exposed was honored to be extended an invite for this lavish party. 

The Faena Theater in Miami Beach is where the event was held at. The room had a spectacular chandler with red drapes hanging from the background creating the perfect theater setting. The Fat Jewish hosted the SiriusXM launch event where Kandy, Valentino Khan, MK, GTA, Jillionaire, A-Trak and Diplo played.

The launch party had a spacious dance floor to get down and low all night long. There was a second story balcony that gave a beautiful viewpoint of the whole venue that made it easy to watch all of the artists from. The event was a celebration for Diplo’s major accomplishment of obtaining his own channel on SiriusXM. This is an honor for any artist to receive no matter the type of music they orchestrate. The vibes were all shifting into a positive manner because each dj was here to congratulate Diplo. Not to mention everyone threw down banger sets.

The highlight of the night was seeing Diplo go b2b with Jillionaire, which is 2/3rds of Major Lazer so guests were treated with that. There was also moment in time where Diplo went b2b with A-Track and Jillionaire. Both reggae and moombahton beats were getting dropped left and right and it presented a great mixture. MK played deep house vibes that illuminated the club and lifted spirits. The stage was a perfect size and the lights and sound system blended together seamlessly.

The hospitality of the event was exceptional and service was brilliant. Upon entering, there was a bar once walking into the venue and there were even bars upstairs as well. There was never any trouble getting anyone’s attention for help or any problems with the layout of the Faena Theater. The environment helped add more value to the night and made it special. The energy levels from each artist that played that night was electrifying and contagious. Valentino Kahn of course added his style of moombahton and future house, which was a beautiful mixture. It was uplifting to attend an event where so much moombahton was incorporated because that is not a common genre that is played by many.

Diplo’s Revolution launch party was a night to remember for every who was in attendance. This is an achievement that deserves to be celebrated and hosting an event during Miami Music Week to debut the channel was smart and magnificent. This is one of those nights where no one will forget the memories that were made. Bravo to SiriusXM for hosting another successful event and congratulations to Diplo on his new channel. The station is now broadcasting on Sirius XM’s Channel 52 so make sure to check it out.

Photo Credit: Alexander Tamargo.


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