Diskolab’s Top Notch MMW Venture: Above & Beyond’s Common Ground

by Jason Adamchak 7 months ago

Winter time can be one of the hardest seasons to conquer not only because of the cold weather but because it sadly means that festival season is at an all-time low. However, we are inching closer and closer to the beloved Miami Music Week; finally! 

DiskoLab has wasted no time whatsoever on showcasing the jaw-dropping show at the legendary RC Cola Plant located near the historic Wynwood Walls of Miami, Fla. On March 22, Above & Beyond will be returning for another evening full of electrifying trance alongside Seven Lions. The RC Cola Plant has evolved over the years and has now become such an iconic venue during Miami Music Week that these shows sell out within minutes and leave attendees speechless.

The previous year Above & Beyond was there with a very special guest; the legendary Eric Prydz. The hype for this show was so real that the presale tickets sold out in record time. That nightfall trance lovers and Prydz admirers gathered all together as one at the plant for an unforgettable night. The skies were filled with lasers, C02 smoke cannons, and confetti showers. Not to mention loads of new music was released left and right because MMW and its’ artists are known for dropping unreleased music track after track like its nobody ‘s business.

In January of 2018, Above & Beyond released their newest masterpiece “Common Ground” that featured a multitude of guest collaborations. This means that trance lovers should not miss this event because new music will for sure be floating around. Seven Lions will also be coming off hot from his Horizons Tour that has been selling out city after city. It is without a doubt that this is the perfect combination for the RC Cola Plant because both artists were recently at the extraordinary The Gorge Amphitheatre in George, Washington for Above & Beyond: Group Therapy 250. It was the first time that this event took place at that venue and the reviews and responses left people wanting more. Stay tuned with Exposed for the latest updates about this show because more artists are to be announced.

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