Insomniac Just Dropped A Groundbreaking Announcement

by Hailey Sniderman 1 year ago

Chasing your vodka with soda at EDC is a thing of the past. Because, we promise, the best way to chase your alcohol at EDC this year will be with Redbull; there’s about to be a surplus of it.  Electric Daisy Carnival in none other than viva Las Vegas has just announced their partnership with Red Bull Media House to livestream EDC on Red Bull TV. This is a groundbreaking achievement for both Insomniac and Red Bull as Red Bull TV will be the exclusive live streaming partner for one of the largest music festivals in North America.

This is absolutely incredible, for the first time ever EDCLV will be broadcast live on a platform that globally reaches millions of views daily and will hit two separate channels solely dedicated to EDC weekend. Hosted by DJ and producer, Hannah Rad, this enchanting visual stream of a festival dedicated to bringing people of all walks of life together will completely immerse fans into the music without even leaving their homes. As previously said, this three day weekend extravaganza will be hosted on two separate channels and will include interviews with some of our favorite artists, backstage sneak-peaks and a full involvement in all things EDC. As well as launching live on Red Bull TV, EDC will also be streamed via the Red Bull TV app, so even during work or breaks fans have the privilege of watching it straight from their smart phones. The broadcast will begin on June 16th, Day 1 of EDC at  11:30pm EST, 8:30pm PT and end June 18th, Day 3 of EDC at 8:30am EST and 5:30am PT. Creator of the wonderful and Insomniac founder, Pasquale Rotella had this to say about the big announcement,

To be able to share EDC Las Vegas with millions of fans around the world is an incredible feeling. With Red Bull TV as our partner, we’re able to bring the energy and magic of EDC to a new audience. We hope to inspire them to join us one day by giving them a glimpse of an amazing experience.
For fans lucky enough to have the weekend off from work or still on the fence about attending, there are still a limited amount of tickets left in which you can purchase here on the official EDC website! To exceed the GA experience and visit EDC in a whole new light, the exclusive and lavish VIP tickets are still available for purchase here and it even includes a ball-pit. Imagine running around with excitement like a little kid, red bull in hand, jumping into a ball pit underneath the electric sky. If you are unable to attend, do not fear, the EDC livestream will be held here on the Red Bull TV website or the app. 28 days, 5 hours and 22 minutes till EDCLV…but then again, who’s counting?

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