Miami Got Sirius at the SiriusXM Music Lounge

by Jason Adamchak 1 year ago

Each year Miami Music Week offers a surplus of pool parties and events to attend for seven straight days in a row.

The all exclusive SiriusXM Music Lounge that takes place at its new home the 1 Hotel South Beach at the Private Beach Club is one to never miss. This Music Lounge is one of the most elite events to attend and the reason why is guests either have to be a subscriber to the SiriusXM and enter in a sweepstakes or be personally invited to the event. The suspense that builds up leading to the Music Lounge knowing if one can gain access for attendance is one of the main reasons this event well and alive. The Music Lounge provides two different experiences that is guaranteed smiles all around.

The first experience that can be promised to all is the music that will be listened to is a majority of new music that can be heard before anyone else even before it is even dropped at Ultra Music Festival. The venue is the perfect fun size portion and creates a more intimate vibe which then makes the DJ feel more comfortable in releasing new music as a gift to all who are present. The striking Miami sun shines down while the beach sand sinks into the feet of dance music lovers surrounding the one stage for all of the DJ’s to play makes for perfect set up. The one stage set up offers the opportunity to catch every artist who is playing and their energy consists of nothing but love and liveliness.

During the deep and passionate music that is being played, there is actually a whole different experience partaking backstage. This experience is media heaven for anyone who works in the music industry. There is a complimentary bar, zoned off areas to conduct interview with artists, and a chance to just share and connect with other industry peeps. This is a laid-back setting (maybe because of the complimentary bar) and stirs a feeling of celebration where everyone is conversing and sharing what is to come for this new and upcoming festival season with their clients. Artist’s participate in this just as much as everyone else which creates a truly whimsical atmosphere. This area backstage is of course only accessible to media outlets, artist’s, and anyone who works in the industry.

Steve Aoki, Deorro, Alan Walker, Above & Beyond, and Tritonal are just to name a few artists that participated in this year’s SiriusXM Music Lounge. The sets are about 30 minutes to 40 minutes depending on the artist. Steve Aoki and Tritonal debuted new music as well as Tritonal debuting some new logo designs. Not only is this a time for attendees to relax and kick it but one can enjoy a much more less crowded and peaceful environment that is hard to come by in Miami during Miami Music Week.

Since this event is so limited with who can gain access there is only so much information to disclose. The event each year is always organized and never a disappointment to those who attend. No matter the experience given the time in at the SiriusXM Music Lounge will be one that will never be forgotten. The scenic Miami Beach resting in the back while the gorgeous melodies of dance music float around paint the perfect picture of how every Miami Music Week event should look like. It’s not too late to subscribe to SiriusXM now and to plan for next year’s Miami Music Week.

Jason Adamchak

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