Nicky Romero & Friends Shine Bright During Miami Music Week

by Jason Adamchak 5 months ago

Miami Music Week is a time where dance music lovers can expect the unexpected. It is a week where artists from all over the world gather different cultures and nationalities together as one for a big celebration. Nicky Romero & Friends hosted a one of a kind showcase at ORA nightclub in Miami that left people in attendance speechless and dancing until the break of dawn.

The showcase kicked off at 10:00 p.m. sharp with Antoine Delvig delivering a powerful house set that went back and forth from progressive to electro while incorporating some deep vibes here and there. Bodies were getting jacked left and right and the whimsical energy during his set was contagious. Disco Fries were up next and followed by slowing down the tempo a little when they dropped some tracks from their latest EP “DF”, which helped build an intimate feeling in the club while the lights were flashing off the ceiling bouncing off the confetti. It made for the all-time perfect Kodak moment.

The venue was the perfect playground for this event. The lights would dangle down blasting light and energy to all below. The club was full of people from corner to corner and the response from each set just kept building and building. Service that night was extremely friendly and willing to help navigate whenever needed. ORA Nightclub is no joke and one can get lose if they are not familiar with the club setting so this help from the staff was thoughtful during the event.

The main attraction of the night was of course no other than the man himself Nicky Romero, who is the founder of Protocol Recordings. The moment he took center stage the room lit up with cosmic energy and time stopped. This was the place to be the night before Ultra Music Festival because Nicky Romero was not holding anything back from going to house music into future bass. There was of course the huge surprise of Fedde Le Grand stopping by to throw down on the decks side by side with Nicky Romero & Friends. The love between not only the crowd but by the artists was refreshing.

The overall success of this showcase will be talked about for the rest of the year. This event did a phenomenal job by making sure the simplest of tasks were completed. They created a night before the big 20th anniversary of Ultra by providing an environment full of talent multigene artists that were looking to get the party started for Miami a night early. By providing boundless and friendly hospitality on top of that creates for the perfect storm. The post show depression is still kicking hard and all that is left are the memories and of course photos and videos. Until next time ORA Nightclub.

Photo Credit: Danilo Lewis

Jason Adamchak

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