Ultra Truly Goes Worldwide With Huge Global Announcements

by Hailey Sniderman 1 year ago

What began in 1999 as a minor one-day music festival in Florida has simply grown to something much more extraordinary. Year after year, Ultra goes above and beyond to curate the most memorable weekend for festival goers full of great vibes, lively and intricate stages and nothing but the best performers. But Ultra did not stop at just Miami, in the past few years they have grown globally. Beginning their worldly take over, they started in Brazil and since then have hit 19 other countries spreading across five separate continents. But, we promise, they are not done there.

Ultra has officially announced they will be setting their sites and planting their festival in three other countries and by the end of 2018 will have an Ultra in 23 countries! This incredible international electronic dance music festival  has now launched their brand to China, Australia and India with the hope to provide fans of all walks of life the same lavishing experience and weekend every raver dreams of. The “Road to Shanghai” (Ultra China) hits this year September 9-10 , the first festival of this magnitude in Shanghai.  As well as China this year, India is gifted the presence of Ultra events in New Delhi, at the India Exposition Mart in September. For the beginning of 2018, Ultra  begins it’s Australian take over in Melbourne during February and another event in Mumbai, India. As each year progresses, Ultra only keeps adding to it’s global list and soon enough will hit all 196!

Yet again, this isn’t all Ultra Worldwide had to announce. Their house and techno brand, Resistance, has just announced their newest residency in Ibiza this summer. Resistance hits the road to the sacred party island for an 8 week residency at one of the world’s largest clubs, Privilege and for six weeks exclusively lead by Sasha & John Digweed. This kicks off July 25th and all information can be found here on their website . For more information on Ultra worldwide and to stay up to date, visit their website. Ultra Worldwide has begun, are you ready to join the adventure in all 23 countries.

Hailey Sniderman

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