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by Katherine Zingerman 1 year ago

Success in this industry is not easy, for some it takes many runs of trial and error and even a huge amount of time. For many artists, a booming track can come ever so often but for one artist in particular, he exceeded the means and produced not one but three incredible tracks. Maarten Hoogstraten, or better known as the international producer Bingo Players, has quite the reign of success. Not only has Bingo Players created many international sensations, he has also created his own record label, Hysteria Records, with the late Paul Baümer. Exposed had the chance to sit down and talk with Maarten about his current success in the music business with his three latest tracks “Tic Toc”, “No.1 Disco”, and “Bust This” along with many other attributed accomplishments.

Exposed: We’re halfway through 2017 and you’ve had 3 successful releases, which release has been most influential to your career? How do you see these tracks progressing throughout the year?

Maarten: I think the latest song “Tic Toc” is doing really well, a lot of DJ’s are picking it up right now and we’ll see how it builds for the rest of the coming months.

Exposed:What are your plans for the 2nd half of 2017? Any new major releases coming up?

Maarten: I just finished a remix for Charlie Puth from Attention and I also have 4-5 collabs  coming out for the rest of the year. For the last few years, I did not release much, only about 2-3 songs each year, and now I really have to do it {produce more music].

Exposed: Moving onto your record label, What gave you inspiration to start your label Hysteria Records?

Maarten: It was more about having control for your own music and you can release whatever you want. If you like send it out to other labels, they have their schedule, they have their own ideas when to release a song but now it’s like the song is finished, when do we release it. So you have complete control over what you do but it’s harder because you having to do everything yourself like promotions and paying for ads, so it’s a bit of an investment but I have a great A&R guy working on it, like it’s been rough starting out but in the end it’s been getting better and better and I’m really happy with how things are.

Exposed: What has been the most rewarding and most challenging thing about running your label?

Maarten:  Having control and also like signing talent, other people when they hear something cool, I want to give the guy or girl a chance, and then just be able to do that.

Exposed: How has your relationship changed with your artistry now that it’s been 4 years since Paul’s passing?

Maarten: Well, not that much changed though, like the scene changed a lot, the music especially electronic music is changing so fast. Four or five years ago, there was progressive big new stuff and that’s gone basically right now. It’s constantly adapting to the new sounds and I’m trying to stay true on what we build and trying to progress forward in that and adapt it to nowadays [newer trends].

Exposed: It really spoke to your fans that you kept the name “Bingo Players” vs “Bingo Player” as a tribute to Paul, has your relationship with producing music and performing solo changed?

Maarten: Yeah, of course, in the studio it’s really weird to start producing by yourself because he was always good feedback for me right away, but now when I make something I have to send it out to some friends. So it’s really hard to sometimes take a direction and to make sure you’re actually doing actually well. With performing, it’s also different because he was more the entertainer, more the guy up front, and I was more the guy behind the deck just making sure the knobs were all correct. I’m still doing that but now I found Raul, MC Iceman, and he is still traveling with me all the time, so he can hype up the crowd, and I can focus on the music.

Exposed: What has been the biggest core lesson or moral that you have learned throughout your music career so far?

Maarten: I was always a bit stressed and worried about small things in life but after when things with Paul happened, I am trying to enjoy things more and that’s really important and not trying to focus too much on making success or making money, but to do something I enjoy. Sometimes I was in spots where it was only about performing and making sure everything is successful and everything goes right and at a certain point you have to let it go and just enjoy it and just enjoy when you’re playing music instead of just being focused on if something goes wrong, if people will think this or that, you just have to enjoy the ride.

We wanted to thank Bingo Players for his time in sitting down with Exposed and telling us his thoughts on his current success, his past, and the music industry. You can stay updated with the Bingo Players on their socials via his website, Facebook and Soundcloud.

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