Exposing Brittany, Creator of BrittsBlossoms – Taking Rave Fashion to a Whole New Level

by Hailey Sniderman 1 year ago

EDCLV ’17 is basically here….scary thought isn’t it? With EDC fast approaching the planning is kicked into high gear for which of the hotels closest to the strip you’ll stay, your ride to viva Las Vegas, what time your shuttle leaves the hotels and but of course, what you are going to wear this year. “Festi-Fashion” has developed and grown over the past few years with more and more pop-up shops launching on different media platforms and on popular shopping websites online such as Dolls Kill. It’s all the rage as to what one piece you’ll rock this year and what pair of neon colored shoes are going to match with it. But yet, there still has to be more. Something that adds that extra flare and beauty to your glorious outfit choices, maybe even a flower crown or better yet, a pair of flower ears. Kitten ears and flower crowns have appeared at every festival the past two years and front running company, BrittsBlossoms created by Brittany Froehlich, have created the most eccentric and beautiful floral accessories that everyone seems to adore. We were lucky enough to chat with Brittany during the busiest time, festival season, to discuss her success and what these beautiful flower creations means to her.

Exposed: How old were you when you first started making all of the ears? How old were you when you attended your first event? 

Brittany: Well I don’t just make ears (the kitty ears started in 2014), I make floral accessories the first flower headband was made in 2012 and my first event was Electric Zoo 2012 which is where I wore my first flower headband!

Exposed: Can you explain what made you start BrittsBlossoms and how it all come together for you? 

Brittany: I was making flower headbands for myself and my friends and a lot of girls would come up to us at festivals/events and ask where we got them. My brother told me I should start selling them as a side job, so I did, and I sold 1,000 pieces in 3 months!

Exposed: Was there any specific influence in your life or in general that helped you to launch BrittsBlossoms?

Brittany: I have always been creative, but it was my brother who pushed me to actually start my Etsy shop!

Exposed: What was the breaking point for your career in the process of making these ears? When did you gain such a huge following?

Brittany: I sold 1,000 headbands in 3 months so I would say the beginning.

Exposed: In the rave fashion scene what would you say is your biggest difficulty face thus far? What helps you to overcome it?

Brittany: My biggest difficulty now is having stores like Forever 21 and Claires ripping off my designs for a much cheaper price, which really sucks but I overcome it by staying innovative and always being ahead of the trends!

Exposed: Where’s the farthest place you’ve shipped your ears so far?

Brittany: I have always shipped worldwide, (I have shipped everywhere! Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe, South America…literally everywhere!)

Exposed: How do you make every ear different from the other? Where does your creativity stem from/where do you get your ideas from?

Brittany: I have been very creative since I was very young, I get most of my ideas from fashion week, celebrity styles and searching on social media.

Exposed: If you had to give advice to anyone trying to break into the rave fashion scene now what would it be and why?

Brittany: My advice would be to think outside of the box do something that no one else is doing!!

Exposed: Directed more towards your personal life, what festivals can we see you attending the rest of this year?

Brittany: This year I went to Ultra (for my 4th time), as of right now I do not have anymore festivals planned I am super bummed about Mysteryland!! I might do Electric Zoo (for my 6th time) but I will definitely be at Carl Cox Intec Island!

We wanted to thank Brittany for taking the time out of her busy schedule to chat with us, we love her amazing designs. We’ve seen BrittsBlossoms floral creations everywhere around the nation, from Ultra to Beyond Wonderland, girls and guys alike look beautiful with a pair of ears or a flower festive crown on their heads. You can stay updated on her latest designs or even order a specialized design here on the Etsy website and via Instagram or Twitter. Remember, EDCLV is 2 weeks away, catch even some of the Exposed media team members rocking some blossoming beauties on their heads.

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