Exposing EDX- 19 Years And Counting At MMW

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Well know throughout the international EDM community, EDX once again found himself in the sunshine state for the wonders of Miami Music Week. This year makes his 19th year in attendance at the week long music event, and it doesn’t seem like it will be his last. Exposed had the wonderful opportunity of having a few words with the club legend, and seeing what makes his time in Miami so special.

Exposed: We’ve heard that this will be your 19th year for Miami Music Week & Ultra, that is insane! 

EDX: Yea, 19 years later and I am still coming. The first time was 1997.

Exposed: What makes you keep coming back to Miami? 

EDX:  First thing is for the passion of the music. Back in the day I had my own record label, 20 years ago, so with the passion for the music, being a DJ, and producing music. It just began to be bigger and bigger, and became more of a music festival. It use to be a music conference, almost like SXSW but for electronic music. Now its more of a music festival, and I really like that because you can hear a lot of DJs. You can go from David Morales, to local guys and its very interesting. Good weather.

Exposed: What can we expect from you in Miami this year?

EDX:  Well I play a total of nine shows. Its time to party. I’m playing some rooftop shows at hotels, and a lot of friends are joining the party. The feel of the shows as well, getting to play with my friend Robin Schulz at his party, its an ongoing s*** show. Its beautiful weather, people are here for the music, and that’s all that matters.

Exposed: What would you say is your favorite show to date that you’ve played in Miami? 

EDX: That’s pretty hard. I’ve had great shows. I’ve played Ultra back in the day which was fun. Its always when you’re not experienced everything touches you close. After a while you get experience, you have this emotional approach to it, but you feel very professional. You always have those thoughts, ‘Will I play the right song?’ but that’s it. I have to tell you, the thing that influences me the most is that you have a lot of friends to join in on the shows, and you get experience from these friends from all over the world.

Exposed: What influences you musically? 

EDX: Well there is definitely a lot of stuff. One of the things that influences my music is my travels. Being able to spend time in other countries, with their own cultures with their own sounds. Even sitting having a coffee hearing the sounds on the local radio and thinking, ‘Ah, I want to try that in the studio.’ But I was definitely influenced by the late 80’s, early 90’s.

Exposed: If you had to pick any other genre of music that you would put into your which would it be?

EDX: I like soulful music, whatever has soul. I would say R&B/Soul but more on the Soul edge, not so much the beat.

Exposed: This being the kick off for festival season and the rest of this year, what could fans expect to see from you this year?

EDX: There’s a lot of stuff going on. I’ve been doing some club mixes. I will be going back to Ibiza for the summer. I’ll be playing more shows Asia, India, Australia, US, Canada, Europe; almost like a world takeover. We just keep going.

EDX definitely keeps it going. A freshly released track, “Feel the Rush” is out now on Enormous Tunes. Continuing on his tour through the month of May, he will make stop around the world including 3 stops in the US. To add even further testament to his tenure, the DJ just released his 324th edition of No Xcuses Radio. Be sure to find his current moves on his social media on  Facebook and Twitter.


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