Exposing Firebeatz – Developing A New Sound

by Evan Holden 1 year ago

Hailing from across the seas, this duo has done and seen it all. Tim Smulders and Jurre van Doeselaar create the international sensation of a duo, Firebeatz, a pair so grand even Calvin Harris remarked they are in his top 5 . The Dutch duo Firebeatz made their way down south for their 5th time attending the week of festivities in Miami. Even hosting their own event, Firebeatz & Friends, during the all the chaos of the constant club and festival performances. The two had an interesting time to look forward to due to a brief period of not releasing music, but having some need sounds in their arsenal ready to unleash it on the inhabitants of South Florida. Exposed caught a lull in the madness and had the chance to talk about what is in store for Firebeatz.

Exposed: We’re finally in Miami, and there’s a big week ahead. How many shows do you guys play?

Firebeatz: Eight, eight shows this week and one in Mexico, actually. Seven Miami shows, and one in Mexico. So we will fly to Mexico Friday (March 24th), and fly back Saturday (25th).

Exposed: What are you looking forward to this year, in comparison to other years?

Firebeatz: Oh, playing our new music of course! We haven’t release new music in a while so we are testing everything out. This is very much a test phase for us to see how the crowd reacts, and we have so much laying around we can pick and choose what we are going to release and where.

Exposed: Are you trying to develop you sound, or are you just broadening the genres you’re touching base in?

Firebeatz: Well, a lot of it has to do with Chocolate Puma. They are very housey guys; old school. When we would sit with them, it’s always a housey sound. I think that was a correct collaboration. We don’t necessarily stick to a genre. Especially now a days, everything is open format. Were not trend sensitive, we just take what we like and kind of put our own sauce over it.

Exposed: If you could touch into any one genre what would be the one you would want to try the most, or which would be the most difficult to step foot into based on your experience as producers?

Firebeatz: I think the hardcore techno scene. I thinks it’s the hardest to break through in that because it’s so niche, but we really like it.

Exposed: Moving forward, do you have a time when new music will be released, an EP, or are you going track by track?

Firebeatz: June and July. Actually the first track will be out in a couple of weeks.

Exposed: What’s the most anticipated performance for you guys this year? 

Firebeatz: EDC Las Vegas, main stage, is going to be crazy. We also have Ultra Singapore this year, which is going to be dope. We’ve played Ultra be never there.

Exposed: Crowds differ in different regions. How do you feel the Asian music industry and crowd would differ from Europe or (US)? 

Firebeatz: It’s really new for them so they’re really picking it up, especially festivals the crowd is really good actually. A lot of the club scene is very VIP in Asia, but it’s a fresh start for them so they need to be educated.

The scene is looking good in Asia. I do believe that America is focusing more on their own artists, more of their own music now. Like Holland they’re getting their own history in dance music. I don’t think in Asia that that’s even happening, and they don’t have a lot of their own artists.

There latest track “Ignite” is sure to get a crowd to react and blow up the dance floor! The song on out now and free to download on Firebeatz’ Soundcloud. You definitely have time to catch all their music as they have officially announced their performances at both EDC Las Vegas and Tomorrowland. If Miami was only the test phase, we can wait to see what is in store for the rest of the year. Keep up on Firebeatz happenings on Facebook & Twitter.

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