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by Hailey Sniderman 1 year ago

A artist is only as good as the art that they make. For Netherlands based duo, Lucas & Steve, their riveting melodies prove to captivate fans and show that their art is impeccable.

Signed to Spinnin’ Records, Lucas & Steve have been producing music together since 2010 and have deemed to be unstoppable, releasing tracks with such producers as Pep & Rash as well as winning prestigious music awards in the Netherlands; these two have talent. The duo made their first U.S. appearance recently during the best week of the year, Miami Music Week, where they played multiple shows and parties along side some of the best in the industry. We got a chance to chat with them during the Spinnin’ Records Pool Party and see what’s next for the both of them.

Exposed: Can you briefly discuss your “Skyline Sessions”, you’ve got about 12 so far. Where did this all begin for the both of you?

Lucas & Steve: It started about 1 and half years ago, we did it on a monthly basis and put it out there online. We decided it this year, because of such a demand, to do it on a weekly basis. Fans loved it and of course we started to do the presentation thing as well as hosting our own parties. At Amsterdam Dance event we do a skyline live set and invite all our friends. We are looking to expand it out to other countries, our goal is to do it where you can see the actual skyline of the city. Makes for a better time when you have such a great view.

Exposed: Speaking of expanding out internationally for you both, what would you say is a big difference musically? From Amsterdam to the U.S. and everywhere in between.

Lucas & Steve: The music is more so the same, EDM based. People everywhere across countries all respond to similar music, we see at least. It is crazy to see.  Yesterday we played our first time in the states with Firebeatz and friends and it was really an amazing party. We did not know to expect and it was so cool seeing people respond to our tracks. We’ve definitely gone to a lot of places like through Europe and Asia and it’s all so different. The fans everywhere are very unique and we love that.

Exposed: Now that you’ve finally played in the U.S., how does it feel? Any more shows coming up out here?

Lucas & Steve: It’s very surreal for the both of us to finally be here. We’ve got a lot of shows this week in Miami, like actually 6 or 7 and playing last night was awesome to see the crowd react. It’s crazy here in Miami, we are running on no sleep and we just keep going. Yesterday we made the mistake of going for a run in the morning and we should not have done it, we feel really bad now.

Exposed: How did winning at the Buma Awards for track, “Summer On You” feel? What was it like as artists to receive an award for your very own track?

Lucas & Steve: When you make a track in the studio you never think of winning an award for it. It is one of the most prestigious awards in the Netherlands and especially for a track we did with Sam Feldt, it’s really cool. We did not expect it at all. When you are making the track you are making something on how you feel, you are trying to create something for the crowd to understand. You never make it specifically like oh this little change could win the award, it just happened.

Exposed: “Calling On You” just received 4 or 5 million plays on Spotify, that is absolutely insane!

Lucas & Steve: Yea, it went so fast and it keeps on growing on a regular. As soon as it hit BPM radio in America, it soared and gained so many more plays. We definitely plan on releasing more radio-like tracks because they seem to do so well on Spotify. We never expected to be this successful in the states.

Exposed: What party are you most excited about this week?

Lucas & Steve: Hands down Spinnin’ Deep, it is the most fun one! All of our friends are going to be there and everywhere from the team will be there, it is going to be sick.

Exposed: We’ve heard you got a new single coming out soon with Pep & Rash, can you explain how this collaboration came together?

Lucas & Steve: We already had a track with Pep & Rash that came out last year, “Enigma” and whats really funny is when we played it yesterday everyone was singing along. But back to the track, they really are our buddies and the last track was so successful so we thought, why not do another one. We had  a concept we were throwing around and it happened so fast, we were in the studio for like 2 days and the track was bumping.

Exposed: After all of your recent success and more tracks coming out soon, what else can fans expect to see from the both of you for the remaining part of the year?

Lucas & Steve: A lot of new music, like we said, we even have a track coming out with Bassjackers. A few new radio tracks as well as some summer “vibe” tracks that we are excited to release. We think they are pretty good, we think! We also have a track with Firebeatz coming out as well, they are horrible….hahaha kidding, we love them.

Since our interview with Lucas & Steve in Miami during MMW, they released their latest track with Pep & Rash called, ” Feel Alive” preparing fans as summer is quickly approaching. As well as fire new track, “Up Till Dawn” proving that these two are unstoppable. If you can’t wait to hear more or see what’s in store for the rest of 2017, be sure to check out these two on Soundcloud and Facebook.


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