Exposing One of the Most Successful Female Vocalists: VASSY – MMW 2017

by Mike Fillare 2 years ago

In the dance/EDM world, VASSY’s incredible vocal performances have graced dance floors and music festivals around the world. In 2014, the Australian singer/songwriter lent her vocals to David Guetta and Showtek’s song “Bad”, which went seven times double platinum and cemented VASSY into the EDM scene.

She has worked with other top DJs such as Benny Benassi, Markus Shulz and most notably Tiësto. In 2015, VASSY collaborated with Tiësto and KSHMR on their track, “Secrets” which skyrocketed not only the Billboard Club chart but also Beatport charts, and claimed the No. 1 spot in 20 countries. We at Exposed were lucky enough to catch up with our favorite Australian and ask her a few questions.

Exposed: I think it’s a known thing that being a woman in the music industry is a bit different than being a man and has its own unique set of challenges. Could you talk a little bit about how women can break into the music industry and deal with those challenges? What advice you have based on your experiences on how to overcome those challenges?

 VASSY: Yeah absolutely. I think that being a woman in the business definitely has its set of challenges and it also has its pros too. It is what is is so you have to figure out a way to adapt; it’s a very male dominated business so I try to cultivate all of my relationships. I’m extremely proud of all the women in the business and we all try to support and inspire each other. I have a bit of a tomboy side so I tend to sort of get on easy with guys anyway but when people are out of line I definitely know how to make sure everyone is ‘in check’. Again I think I naturally have that and always have. Obviously the more well known you are and the higher the profile you have, people don’t want to mess with you…period. Overall though so far for me it hasn’t been too bad – I’m embracing being a woman and utilizing that to show other people that you can be a woman and you can be hands-on in a lot of ways and be in charge of you and your material.

 Exposed: Are there any women specifically who have inspired you to make a career in music?

 VASSY: Yeah I definitely was inspired by Billie Holiday’s voice to start singing and then I was inspired by Crystal Waters to actually start my career. I didn’t even know her at the time and she’s now a friend but I just fell in love with her when I first heard ‘Gypsy Woman’.

 Exposed: Was that a song your parents had played for you?

 VASSY: [Laughs] Not at all! I didn’t even grow up around music, I didn’t grow up around anything like that. I just always knew I wanted to do music at a very young age. I was actually kicked out of school choir and I didn’t really have any music around me. I grew up in a very remote part of Australia so I had no one showing me anything…nothing…and I had to figure out all this s*** on my own. I moved to Sydney and got my degree in architecture. Then I started to go to jazz clubs late at night to sing and it really just went from there. So it was a lot of self-discovery.

 Exposed: You had mentioned you were in architecture and I know you have always wanted a career in music so did that take a backseat when you were studying?

 VASSY: The architecture thing was more to get a degree and to make my family proud but music was always my fate. I just knew it without even knowing what it was and without even seeing it…it was just instinctively there.

Exposed: Last year at Ultra Miami, you performed with Tiësto at Mainstage which must have been unbelievable. What was that experience like for you?

VASSY: It was absolutely incredible! One of the most magical moments in the history of my career. We were performing at Ultra during sunset so you know how it is…the beach and the ocean are right there and it’s packed with over 100,000 people. I came out singing acapella and everyone started singing along to the song, it was amazing. I’m seeing him tonight cause he’s performing at LIV but I won’t be doing Ultra again this year. We did it last year and he needs to you know…change it up.

 Exposed: Do you and Tiësto ever talk about any future plans to collaborate on new tracks?

 VASSY: Yes! We are…absolutely. Exposed: Sooo we can expect that?! VASSY: Yes, expect collaborations with a lot of people this year. I never really like to say until things are fully finished and in progress of release.

 Exposed: From a vocalist’s perspective, how do you feel about DJs crossing over genres right now and working with a lot of pop singers?

 VASSY: I think it’s great and you know I’m not a DJ, I’m a songwriter and that’s what I do. I write and I’m an artist but I’ve always come from a pop/indie background. Naturally I’ve had huge success in the dance/EDM world and I love dance music but as an artist I need to cross over into the pop world. There’s more avenues for me and I think there is a really cool shift now that you can kind of do both and not isolate a dance audience but rather have more mainstream, friendly records. So I think it’s really cool, I like that people are doing it. I think it’s about time, I think it’s great that dance music is shifting over into the popular market and it’s obviously opened a lot of doors for all of us.

 Exposed: So now we know that you have a bunch of collaborations slated for release but do you yourself have any new music scheduled to debut this year?

 VASSY: Yes I do! I have a new record that is going to be coming out pretty soon and it’s featuring these guys who are really really dope producers. They’re called ‘The Elev3n’ and they’ve done all pop stuff like with Meghan Trainor and similar artists. I think they’re so talented and I really wanted to give them a debut into the dance world and they’re just awesome. We’ve worked on this really special record so I’m releasing that and I have a couple other things as well in the works. So I’m busy! The next two weeks is travel for shows, I’m in Mexico next week for the International Dance Music Awards. I’ve been nominated for an award so I’ll be performing next week with Getter and Martin Garrix. And then I have a few things after that but then I have to go to the White with the entire recording academy. We’re going up to there to talk to all of the congressmen to try and encourage them to give their support to change the bills which affect how we get paid in the music business. After ALL of that finishes, I’ll be back in L.A. spending time in the studio trying to get my head in writing mode.


It was nothing short of a pleasure chatting with Vassy. Stay up to date, stay exposed.

-The Exposed Team

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