Since 2010, when Canadian born singer, songwriter, producer tri-fecta Matthew Steeper graduated from Berkley college of Music, he has dove head first into the world of dance music and worked with dozens of the industry’s most famed DJ’s and producers. (more…)

Success in this industry is not easy, for some it takes many runs of trial and error and even a huge amount of time. (more…)

Hailing from across the seas, this duo has done and seen it all. Tim Smulders and Jurre van Doeselaar create the international sensation of a duo, Firebeatz, a pair so grand even Calvin Harris remarked they are in his top 5 . (more…)

A artist is only as good as the art that they make. For Netherlands based duo, Lucas & Steve, their riveting melodies prove to captivate fans and show that their art is impeccable.


Well know throughout the international EDM community, EDX once again found himself in the sunshine state for the wonders of Miami Music Week. (more…)