Lipless Releases EP on Arkade ‘Wake Up Call’

by Christian Sampen 2 years ago

Seemingly coming out of thin air, Lipless has already made a impression on the dance music scene. With his first ever release coming off of a remix collaboration with none other than Kaskade himself,what a way to make an impression. The song “Only” that he & Kaskade remixed generated over 700’000 plays in less than a month. And if getting support from one of the biggest producers in the entire world wasn’t enough, his debut EP is also being released on Arkade, Kaskade’s label.

A three track EP called “Wake Up Call” was released in July and has some incredible vocalists featuring Georgi Kay & Haley. The first track featuring Georgi titled ‘Give Me A Sign’ is an absolute beautiful start of these three tracks. It has such a soothing intro leading into Georgi’s vocals with a melodic synth drop that will have you vibing from left to right.
‘Wake Up Call”, the second track on the EP has a familiar vocalist that made her name making songs with Kaskade. That singer is none other than the incredibly talented Haley. With a lovely piano introduction to the track, you really can hear the detailed production Lipless put into this track. Haley has a certain way of transforming her voice to perfectly connect with the song and it takes you on a feel good journey. The third and final track titled “Two of Us” brings this beauty of a EP to a soothing close. The most relaxed track out of the three but also brings you that quality of house music that Lipless looks to bring always to his music. It has that tempo that can put you into a trance like state or just get those feet moving on the dance floor. Lipless absolutely made his mark releasing his debut EP and I’m not sure about you guys but I’m dying for more.

Christian Sampen

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