Adam Beyer Presents Drumcode A-Sides Vol.5

by Riley Jenkins 2 years ago

Adam Beyer has been one of the hardest working and most successful DJs in the world for over two decades, and his vision for a combination of roots-based techno and cutting edge experimental avenues have helped gain him a fan base across the globe. His willingness to venture into the United States long before his modern contemporaries is exactly why he’s an artist that will always be at the forefront of techno. His success in the States also proves that there are EDM scenes waiting to be fostered in some relatively unlikely places.

The timing of Drumcode’s “A-Sides Vol. 5” release is strategically brilliant because it marks the 20-year anniversary of the first mix of the series. While it’s definitely taken DJs like Beyer to make European genres more tangible and personable for people in North America, the mix only includes two tracks by North American producers, and that is where it falls short.

There are North American DJs that have taken various styles of EDM and given them a twist of rock’n’roll making Beyer’s newest work sound like monotonous video game music. Although the sound he employs is undoubtedly more popular worldwide than most prominent North American EDM producers, it neglects to capture North American culture in a way that can truly captivate it. If his style overshadows and engulfs that of DJs from this part of the world, then it is because of our own lack of ingenuity as listeners and creators.

Riley Jenkins

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