ASPYER Releases Breathtaking Debut Solo Track,“Denied Again”

by Katie Chapman 1 year ago

21-year-old Russian producer ASPYER has hit the ground running with his debut solo track, “Denied Again” on Thrive Music, which proves his talent to be mature beyond his years. The track is filled with summertime feels, beginning with a simple acoustic guitar rift and then evolving into a high energy, electro-pop banger with mesmerizing female vocals. ASPYER truly showcases the depth of his gift as a producer in this soulful track that speaks to the romantics and the heartbroken.

After the success of his collaboration track, “Omega,” with distinguished electronic producer Michael Brun, ASPYER has proven to be an artist to watch in 2017. “Denied Again” may be his first solo work, but ASPYER has posted several signature remixes on his Soundcloud, which can hold fans over until even more new music is released. Check out “Denied Again” below and follow ASPYER on his official Facebook and Instagram for more new music announcements.

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Katie Chapman

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