Bobby Puma’s Twist on Calvin Harris’s “This is What You Came For”

by Katie Chapman 2 years ago

Just when we thought Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s newest single couldn’t get any hotter, Bobby Puma took to the studio to put his own club-friendly spin on the hit track. On July 29, Puma released his remix of “This is What You Came For” on Spotify, another big-time track from the San Francisco DJ and producer. If you haven’t already, peep Puma’s electro interpretation below or purchase it on iTunes.

Bobby Puma has been recognized by producers like Tiesto and Chuckie, who believe he has the talent and versatile sound that will take him far in the industry of modern dance music. Puma sprung into 2016 with the release of his own track “Deeper than Love” and his hot collaboration with Tiesto, “Making Me Dizzy”. However, Puma has never limited his music to one signature sound. He is known for his ever-changing style, transitioning from dishing out remixes with hard-hitting beats to debuting solo tracks with groovy, progressive basslines.

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Katie Chapman

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