Breathe Carolina & IZII Team Up for One Emotional New Track

by Evan Holden 2 years ago

If the name Breathe Carolina rings a bell, you’re in good company. The electronic trio is well known for their work across the world and have released four albums along with four EPs. Breathe Carolina has earned such accolades as chart topping records on iTunes, gold and platinum records, and even being featured on shows like The Jay Leno Show, MTV’s The City and Jimmy Kimmel Live.  For their latest track they have teamed up with an artist still shrouded in some obscurity. IZII is one of many artists to follow, for lack of better words, a trend on anonymity among some artists. Gaining some attention through his remixes of various songs and collaborations with DVBBS and other artists, IZII has released many remixes through labels such as Armada and Spinnin Records. The two are now joining forces to bring a unique creation to your ears.

Their new track ‘Echo’ (Let Go) tells a story of lost love, and trying to move on. Combining a silky bassline, powerful piano melody, and emotionally charged vocals this track is sure to pull at some heart strings. The collaboration was just released this week on Spinnin Records. The two artists have each cemented themselves in the music industry with their success and dedication. Their futures are in their own hands, and if their hands keep producing work like this, the sky is the limit.  The latest news for both Breathe Carolina and IZII can be found on their twitters @BreatheCarolina and @IZIIMUSIC . Fair warning, this music video may evoke some not too far gone memories.

Evan Holden

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