Canadian Invasion: Sultan + Shepard & Guilty Pleasure

by Marina Pedrosa 2 years ago

Breathing new life into Sultan + Shepard’s breakout single, “Bring Me Back”, fellow Canadian DJ/producer Guilty Pleasure crafts a new bassline and defines the meaning of groove on his exclusive remix of the track. Released on Enhanced Music on June 24, “Bring Me Back Remix” blends classic and underground house elements with acoustic instrumental sounds and melodic vocals, creating a unique bubbly track that screams summer.

Proving that he is as talented as the big bosses, Guilty Pleasure’s remix details the DJ’s skills and unique style, positioning him one step closer to the top and highlighting once again that Grammy-nominated producers Sultan + Shepard know talent when they see it. Constantly releasing new music for the past two years, the Canadian duo seems to be keeping the momentum going with their remixes of Ed Sheeran’s “Lay it On Me”, 3Lau’s “Is It Love” and “Give it Up” by Jack Wins, while simultaneously experimenting with their own sound.

Always maturing their artistry and perfecting their distinctive sounds, Sultan + Shepard still have a lot to do this year as they prepare for their first ever EP. Starting in July, keep an eye out for the series of singles that the duo will be releasing each month on Armada Records to get a taste of what the Canadians have hiding up their sleeves.

Marina Pedrosa

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