CRNKN‟s New Video Might Just be More Relatable than You Think

by Evan Holden 2 years ago

The new music video for “The Grip‟ from CRNKN will give you a grip on some very apparent issues. This loaded track, with its house-like base line, trance cords, and hypnotizing vocals is an enticing brew. There are two very specific, and separate, vibes that song and the video give off.  It paints the sight of the picturesque underground club scene. Imagine this: You walk up to the counter in a dim lit bar and order a drink. The intro of the song starts to fade in from the stage, and a spot light flashes on. You see a woman in a black dress, adorned in jewelry, lift her head. She looks directly at you and she begins to sing. That is the visual this song gives before the music video but with the accompaniment of the video, the artistry is truly worthy of the highest caliber.

“This is, to me, my most important song. I wrote the instrumental around three years ago. At the time I hadn’t thought much of it, I really liked it but just sort of set it aside. When Sara and I were put in touch I realized that it would be a perfect fit and it was. After she recorded the vocals it pretty quickly became my favorite song that I’ve written, and as a result I refused to put it out. I really really believe in this song and I believe in Sara’s lyrics, and I knew there was perfect home for this song somewhere out there. That home was Mom+Pop and I couldn’t be more excited to share this with everyone.” – CRNKN

This song was more than just another release to add to the repertoire of these two artists. The mediums being used here were meant to convey the real issues of the all too relevant struggle with mental illness. The lyrics really bring out the struggle and mindset of people over come with a mental disorder, allowing the track to not only grip our minds but also grip our hearts.

Evan Holden

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