DEVAULT Drops Latest Single with Team EZY & Sansa – ‘My Own’

by Hailey Sniderman 2 years ago

DEVAULT is unstoppable it seems. With two new remixes in the last two weeks and now a new track with Team EZY feat. Sansa he just keeps on going. Hailing from the OC in Southern California, Sage Devault has gained a massive fan base during the last six months and fans are going nuts for his songs. Devault is someone to stay up with as he storms his way through the scene. His latest “My Own” brings a new eclectic and soft vibe to the mix that is sure to put you into your feels.

My Own” with Team EZY feat. Sansa starts off with a relaxing melody full of background echoes that are hit to a perfect beat and a sweet serenade from the talented London based singer, Sansa. The song continues on with a very low-key and hidden trap sound that draws us into the drop where we are welcomed by an upbeat and outstanding groove. The drop is what sends a vibration through the bass to our bodies and makes the hairs on our arms stand up from chills. This track reminds me of a tune you’d play driving through the rain and the sunlight is slowly making its way through a clearing in the clouds. It gives off this feel that puts you in a trance-like state where it’s nothing but you and the song, nothing else to focus on but the sound of the music.

As said before, DEVAULT is not one to miss out on while he’s on this rise. His fame is creeping up on him overnight with a following that grows rapidly. As he adds more songs and diversifies himself with new genres and tones he is definitely going to be somewhere in the next year. Already playing shows and we just have to wait as he hits a major festival lineup. But as always keep up with us as we expose the latest and greatest news. Keep track of his latest music and shows on his Facebook or Twitter account. Artists like him rise up slowly and once they are noticed sky rocket to the top so watch out he may be headlining the next EDC.

Hailey Sniderman

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