Griffin Stoller’s Cover of “Closer” is a Tropical Masterpiece

by Katie Chapman 2 years ago

Ukulele house DJ/Producer Griffin Stoller’s new cover of “Closer” gives the chart topper a tropical twist and fresh new feel. The 21-year old musician from San Francisco has made a name for himself by producing one-of-a-kind covers, not just remixes, of electronic hits like “This Is What You Came For” and now the Chainsmokers romantic radio hit, “Closer”. Stoller transformed the original track into a masterpiece of his own by combing his mesmerizing vocals with the cheerful strums from his ukulele.

Stoller’s award winning career as an acoustic string musician began to take off at age 16, after his debut performance at Carnegie Hall. As he’s grown into both a performer and producer, Stoller has emerged in the dance music industry with his original style. He uses the ukulele, keyboard and guitar to alter the sounds of traditional house music. Follow Stoller on his Soundcloud and Facebook to stay updated on his journey as an electronic, acoustic musician.

Katie Chapman

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