Havok Roth’s Remix Might Even Go Harder Than The Original

by Evan Holden 1 year ago

Gaining steam over the past few months, Havok Roth is a name that you might not have heard yet, but definitely should remember. The 808-driven artist has released a flurry of remixes, singles, and collaborations that have gained major attention. Not limiting himself to a single genre to derive inspiration from, the DJ and producer that’s currently based in Miami, has remixed songs by anyone from Twenty One Pilots to Lil Uzi Vert.

Havok Roth tackles each song differently, but finds a hidden rhythm each song to exploit for his own creative vision. His most current work rework with fellow bass DJ SWRVN is XXXTENTACION’s – “Looking For A Star”. The song brings an emotional set of vocals that listeners can really connect with. However, with Havok Roth’s touch of 808 it has become something that will completely destroy the dance floor. Overlapping the vocals with an arpeggio of orchestral drums segues the listener into a blaring symphony of bass. With the song receiving almost 50 thousand plays on SoundCloud since its July 4th release, this remix is bound to find its way into some big-name sets.

Now making his way around the country after a major signing with Madison House, Havok Roth recently made his festival debut at Electric Forest, and is set to perform at Trapfest Phoenix in the coming week. Plan on seeing a lot more From Havok Roth in the future, and a lot more bass. Link with Havok Roth via Facebook, Soundcloud and Instagram.

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Evan Holden

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