Headhunterz Releases New Track, “Landslide” Off Ultra Records

by Samantha Velasquez 2 years ago

Headhunterz has fully embraced creative freedom and it could not be more evident than in his latest release via Ultra Records. It’s quite admirable of an artist to step outside the box and explore how far they can push the boundaries of their sound. Headhunterz even remarked,

I just want to claim the freedom to make the music I love.

The Dutch DJ, whose roots stem from hardstyle, has produced a beautifully melodic down-tempo jam. “Landslide” is a breath of fresh air with its cheeky vocals and lively synths make for an enchanting journey. The relaxed vibe is a welcome relief from what could be considered an over saturation of bass heavy hits topping the charts.

Headhunterz has collaborated with the likes of W&W, Steve Aoki and Harwell. His desire to constantly explore and challenge himself is evident in tracks such as ‘Feel The Power of Now’ and ‘Can Hold Us Down’.

The release of “Landslide” is a lovely glimpse at what’s to come from Headhunterz.

You can hear the full track below.

Samantha Velasquez

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