Inpetto Latest track involves a “G-String”

by Jason Adamchak 7 months ago

G-Strings are used in different ways all the time. Often time they are used by festival goers who wear them as part of their outfits at raves or music festivals. However, this “G-String” is no ordinary one. It is actually the latest track from the German dance duo Inpetto.

A direct call to all bass house lovers from all around the globe; this is the club track that every dance music lover has been itching to get their hands on. It is a track where the name throws off a lot of immediate expectations. The fresh upbeat bass goes on and one creating a wave of good vibes for one to ride from start to finish. Since Ineptto is back on Mixmash Records the duo felt it was time to cook up something new and thus “G-String” was born!

Inpetto: ‘What inspired us to do G-String was combining two genres that usually don’t fit. On one side trendy G-house basslines and on the other side real instruments playing like an orchestra. The hardest part was making a cool club track out of these real played instruments, but it’s always a great challenge to create something fresh and we think it worked out pretty well!’

The track is one of those productions where the repeat button is going to be pressed again and again. The beginning of the track begins with elegant violins that then transitions into a mild build up and then delivers a beautiful soft bass drop. The tempo grows and softens at a rate that helps one drift away. Just when one thinks the song has no more surprises some new lyrics pop out of nowhere and helps keep the beat going. It’s a clever bass house song that intermits old and new melodies together.

Inpetto has been on fire with their productions last years’ and delivering in line. With previous successful productions like ‘Needin You So’ (+3M plays on Spotify), ‘Learn To Fly’ together with David Spekter and of course the beautiful ‘Million Miles’, the brothers have definitely made their mark on the scene. They dedicate themselves to bringing their fans the most cutting-edge music with a solid signature sound and a creative take on today’s musical trends. That being said, G-string definitely is a track that will be played out for years to come.

Make sure to stream the latest track on the following links and let the music do its job.


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Facebook || Twitter || Instagram || SoundCloud || Official website


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