Jinco’s Latest Track ‘Far Sight’ Drops on Trap Nation

by Hailey Sniderman 2 years ago

Fans are in store for a beautiful surprise. Cinema trap producer, Jinco has paired up with Fury for their latest collaboration “Far Sight.” This newest track features singer, Holly Jade a talented vocalist that fits perfectly into the cinema-trap beats echoing behind. Far Sight will be released to the public today, December 29th officially via Trap Nation.

A very unique entrance leads fans in with the chords of a deep piano and the sweet serenading hum of Holly’s voice. As listening follows on, we are caught off guard by the intertwining beats and the alluring tunes of trap that meet with a cinematic climax and drop. A truly elusive drop that welcomes listeners with a combination of heaven trap and intriguing vocals. This track definitely amplifies a great connection between artists and passion showing how together they can make  some pretty dope songs.

Since breaking off from a duo, Jinco has been making major moves on his own and breaking top charts on all different labels. Jinco is working hard to bring the best to his fans like “Far Sight.” To keep up with all things Jinco check his FB https://www.facebook.com/jincoofficial/app/123966167614127/ and Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/jincoofficial. Keep up with us as we countdown the days the days for welcoming the new year and as always as we expose the latest and greatest. 2017 is just around the corner, artist like Jinco are ready, are you?

Hailey Sniderman

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