JOYRYDE Just Pulled up with Another Hit

by Evan Holden 2 years ago

Still keeping his foot on the gas while burning some rubber, JOYRYDE has made yet another hit. Following widespread success of his previous track, ‘Hot Drum’ he has doubled down on his efforts. Teaming up with  Freddie Gibbs, an Indiana-based rapper, the two have created the masterpiece entitled, “DAMN” and it is nonstop entertainment. Like most songs of the dance music genre the song is set to climax at the drop. Apparently this is not something JOYRYDE is trying to redefine.

“After I made the instrumental for this record, I found it very hard to fit a vocal on it,” JOYRYDE said. “Most verses I tried were lazy and too ‘styled out.’ Freddie’s vocal crushed it. The man has a serious sense of rhythm in his bars.”

This track is literally popping. This beat will have you head banging to every verse and reciting each line. While he is still in his lab cooking up some tracks, JOYRYDE continues his C.A.R.(Calling All Rydrz) tour. This production includes a full size 1969 Dodge Challenger on stage with him. The tour debuted back in September with a sold out show in LA. The tour continues into 2017 and will span across many cities in North America. Don’t miss out on the tracks destructive bass and psychedelic video.



Evan Holden

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