Kamandi Releases First of Many Eclectic Eletronica Tracks: ‘Moorhouse’

by Alexandra Shafran 5 months ago

Listening in to Kamandi’s work for the first time, I was taken aback by the incredible depth present within his work. His first release ‘Moorhouse’ from the upcoming ‘The Four Aves” collection of tracks that Kamandi will be releasing was not only technically innovative but emotionally moving. The simultaneous nature of soothing yet looming lingers with the track, the echoing tune incorporating snares with an overlapping and rising vocal melody that blends together into a perfect unison.

Anticipating the next three track installments of “The Four Aves”, Moorhouse will be a definite add to anyone’s late night driving playlist or a well deserved addition to anyone’s artists to watch out for.

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Alexandra Shafran

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