Kayzo Releases Black & White EP For Free

by Christian Sampen 2 years ago

Kayzo has been making waves in the dance music scene these past few years but this may be his biggest wave thus far. He releases a four track EP for free via Barong Family. Today on Halloween, this is sure to be something to have on repeat.

‘Kill It’-Kayzo has that signature sound that Hayden constantly provides with his tracks. The build begins with rumbling guitar cords that only lead to a heavy but sped up drop you can’t put in a genre.

‘Avalanche’-Kayzo featuring Dylan Matthew, absolutely takes on a new element in the EP with Dylan’s vocals. This unknown vocalist absolutely makes this song the most unexpected track of the EP.

‘Horizon’-Kayzo featuring Dylan Matthew, goes a direction of Kayzo’s more slowed down tempo. As Dylan once again graces this track, Kayzo turns this into a song you can just vibe to.

‘More Than Ever’-Kayzo & Junkie Kid come together to make the most high energy track of the EP. As Junkie Kid is known for his hard house style, Kayzo also has his own sound & this comes together perfectly. Absolutely gets you going crazy with ease.

Kayzo with his greatest music release to date and we are just so eager for more.

Christian Sampen

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