L.A. Siblings TWiNSCALE Release L8 Blumer Remix To Start Off 2017

by Leath Cao 2 years ago

Los Angeles brothers Sean and Steve Jeria combine their musical talents to form TWiNSCALE, a genre-blending duo focused on the harmonic balance between cinematically influenced hip-hop grooves and driven melodies to create a perfect fusion of fresh, new music already catching the attention of loyal fans and tastemakers alike.

The siblings’ talents are ever more personified in their latest remix of L8 Blumer’s “Mirage”, featuring deep, dark vibes in tasteful contrast to the rumble and wubs of contemporary dance music trends. Wispy melodies and vocals captivate the audience while being driven by deep lows binding the groove together for 5 minutes plus of pure bliss.

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Leath Cao

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