Loudan Brings ‘Faith’ to Long Awaiting Fans

by Devin Granados 2 years ago

After a 10 month hiatus since his last original release, Loudan has finally graced fans with a doubt demolishing track thick with all the virtues of brassy bass. ‘Faith’ begins with a soft static build to the bass culminating in an all-out “oh yes”, and dropping into a fulmination of synthetic sermon.

As if proclaiming the validity of his individual musical vision, Loudan released “Envision” in January, breaking through his collection of well-constructed remixes to present fans with a definitive Loudan sound. Garnering attention with his remixes of Empire of the Sun and Tove Lo, Loudan had gone on to win third place in a remix contest for Tiesto and Don Diablo’s ‘Chemicals’.

Where Loudan’s adaptations have demonstrated a mastery in sound, his original tracks have brought him into a wavelength entirely his own. For those who haven’t heard ‘Envision’ and ‘Faith‘, there is undoubtedly a master behind the mixes. Released on Friday, listen to ‘Faith’ below. If ‘Faith’ is any prophecy of future productions, we humbly await Loudan’s next blessing.

Devin Granados

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