Louis the Child shares latest single “Fire” featuring Evalyn

by Madison Nottke 2 years ago

Last December, Complex released “10 up-and-coming DJs who should be on your radar in 2016” which featured none other than the Chicago-native duo Louis the Child. Now, a year later, the teen pair is living up to the prophesied fame with the success of their latest release, “Fire”. This track starts out slow but progresses into a catchy dance-pop tune. “Fire” is governed by an upbeat instrumental sound which, when mixed with vocalist Evalyn’s soul pop style, creates the future bass sound the producers have come to be recognized and loved for.

The pair has emerged onto the scene in a big way in the last two years with their self-described “fun” sound. They’re best known for their songs “It’s Strange” and “Weekend”, as well as some remixes that give their own synth-filled twist on some already pre-loved and well-known tracks.

The dream team has already completed one headlining tour while also landing gigs at big name festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza. Despite a busy past year, the two remain driven and will embark on another North American tour beginning in November. Louis the Child has previously said their main goal is to make people happy through their music and, from what we’ve seen from them so far, they’re doing a damn good job. Listen to “Fire” below and be sure to continue to keep these boys on your radar.

Madison Nottke

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