Major Lazer Releases Collaboration with Justin Bieber

by Alexa Palfi 2 years ago

After just finishing his Purpose tour in the United States and turning every hater into a Belieber, the Biebs is definitely not “sorry” about it. Major Lazer released another hit single with JB and MØ titled “Cold Water”,­­ the first single from the group’s new album Music Is The Weapon. Back in May, Diplo confirmed the Major Lazer, Justin Bieber and MØ collaboration, which just added even more hype to the song release (written by Ed Sheeran and Benny Blanco). It’s been three days since a radio rip of the song leaked on an international radio station and a week of the Biebs’ humor GIF postings. The flood of album cover pictures counting down the days to the official debut is nothing compared to the Biebs himself direct messaging fans on Twitter with actual previews!

Well, it’s finally here and it was well worth the wait; fans certainly seem to agree because it’s already reached over a million views on YouTube. No doubt the new track has Beliebers around the world scrambling to know every last word. The song is getting rave reviews especially with YouTube commenters are not fans of the Biebs but have admitted that the song is a hit. Take a listen below but we’re sure you’ll hear this on the radio station for what may seem like until the next century.

Alexa Palfi

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