MATES Adds a Chill Vibe Remix to a Home State Original

by Jason Adamchak 1 year ago

Home State’s first single “Without Your Love” has been featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds & United States Viral 50 playlists and can be found on all major music platforms. In just over a month, the song was streamed over 100K times across platforms. Home State’s music is rooted in rock, but is also heavily influenced by pop, R&B, and alternative music. They have been compared to Bob Moses, Chet Faker and Maroon 5.

David Berliner, Alex Friedlander and Matt Gralla met at the University of Pennsylvania and played in the same music scene before moving to New York City to pursue their life-long dreams of working in finance and tech (just kidding). The stars aligned one fateful summer day in 2015, and the three teamed up to form Home State and pursue their shared passion more seriously. Long-time friend Jordan Glaser joined to solidify the band in 2017. The band has a pure organic sound that takes fans back in time to when boy bands once ruled the world.

Home State’s first single has gained so much exposure that is was only a matter of time before the electronic dance music scene got a hold of it for a remix. The original track already moves at a calming slow tempo but this remix offers a new twist. MATES is the name of the remixing producer and he is producing anonymously under the name MATES. The remix takes a jump into the deep/chill house direction and blends beautifully with the lyrics of the song. The soft tempo takes the mind on a majestic journey from start to finish. The deep melodies build off the original track with pure blissful energy that can change a mood from bad to good in a matter of seconds.

The remix was just pushed out on all major music streaming services for the public to take a listen to and escape for a little. The idea of knowing that the producer of this remix is remaining anonymous adds more spice to the track to because curiosity is a floating theme while this track is being played. So far, the remix can be accessed on Home State’s Soundcloud and Spotify channels. The remix can also be purchased on iTunes as well. Make sure to follow them on all of their other social accounts to keep up to date with future releases from them.

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