Modern Machines + 8 Graves Release “Breathe”

by Christian Sampen 2 years ago

Modern Machines is no stranger to making absolutely beautiful music but this collaboration with 8 Graves is one of his best. The NY producer discussed how this collab came to be:

“I’ve been friends with 8 Graves for a long time, so the collaboration was pretty much two friends kicking it making music. I had the idea for what the song would be about. I shot over the instrumental and 8 Graves knocked it out the park. The rest is history.”

The summer vibes echo throughout this track with its infectious vocals, warm synths, and lively drum patterns. Modern Machines and 8 Graves mesh well together and after all, there’s nothing like good music with good friends. Check out the track below, plus you can catch Modern Machines around NYC with some massive shows to come this summer!

Christian Sampen

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