ODESZA Has Returned and It Was Well Worth The Wait

by Katie Chapman 1 year ago

It’s been five years since Clayton Knight and Harrison Mills of ODESZA joined in harmony to release their first full-length album, “Summer’s Gone”. Together, they brought to life an electronic symphony loaded with dreamy drumlines and hauntingly beautiful beats. Since then, the Seattle duo has built an empire on their signature sound, headlining festivals and selling out iconic venues all over the globe. ODESZA’s followers have been patiently waiting for their highly anticipated, third full-length album and today we got a sweet taste of what’s to come.

After months of silence since Houston’s Day For Night Festival, where they mixed three brand new songs into their set, a mysterious empty playlist appeared on ODESZA’s Spotify page. After fans discovered the title of the playlist was Morse code for “4/25”, it was clear that fans could begin the countdown to the day they had been waiting for.

On April 25, ODESZA announced the release of their newest, pop friendly single “Line Of Sight”, featuring the luring vocals of WYNNE and Mansionair. The track was debuted during two radio interviews, where Clayton and Harrison discussed the track but kept details of their new album under wraps. “Line Of Sight” is a vocally driven tune that shows a new dimension to ODESZA’s signature chill-wave sound, while preserving bits and pieces of their deep-house style. This is the ultimate summer single and… wait… there’s more!

Just hours after “Line of Sight” hit the airwaves, the duo added ANOTHER brand new track to their decoded Spotify playlist. “Late Night” takes us back to basics with a classic ODESZA instrumental, featuring chopped vocals, a funky guitar loop and a contagiously, catchy beat. Both tracks show the versatility and range of talent that Clayton and Harrison have to offer and are the perfect taste of what’s to come from their third album.

Fans can catch ODESZA at countless festivals this summer including SLOSS, Electric Forest, Karoondinha and, just announced, Bumbershoot in their hometown of Seattle, Washington. If you haven’t already, Check out the long awaited “Line of Sight” and “Late Night” below and be sure to follow ODESZA on their official Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud accounts for even more new music announcements.

Cover Art: From Newest Track, “Line Of Sight”

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