PANG! Probes Society’s Attachments With “Silverscreen”

by Leath Cao 2 years ago

As the venerable DJ Hanzel (aka Dillon Francis) would say, always “go von deep-ah”. Mysterious duo PANG! does just that with their latest release “Silverscreen” not only with inspiring vocals, rich instrumentals and mellow tropical vibes, but also with a probe to a deeper societal question. “Living your life through a silver screen, is it giving you everything that you need?” The vocals to the track weave in artistically with the depiction of a young tiger cub staring at his reflection as an adult in a psychedelic lake, making the listener ask themselves if their own lives may not be as it seems.

What sets apart the “World of PANG!” as truly unique from other gimmicky anonymous DJ projects in today’s music world is the concentration on relaxing, eclectic electronica intertwined with stunning artwork that gives the audience both an aural and an ocular experience like nothing else. Tracks like “Silverscreen” are both a getaway from the monotonous grind of everyday life and an introspective look into one’s own psyche. What an exciting treat!


Leath Cao

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