PRXZM & Lowly Palace Team Up on ‘Queen of Hearts’

by Alexandra Shafran 6 months ago

Released just a little over a week ago, electro-pop duo PRXZM had released their new single, ‘Queen of Hearts’ on Lowly Palace. The track is a looking glass into their upcoming ‘Come Alive’ EP that will be out June 8th. 

The track is highly focused on pop elements but bringing forth Emma’s incredible vocals pairing perfectly with the synth work stablished by non other than the other half of the duo, Nick. The guitars incorporated through their phenomenal production help create an absolutely infectious blend of a track.

“Drawing a lot of inspiration from CHVRCHES, this is the most ‘live’ track on the EP. We went through so many iterations of this song. This was a bit frustrating at first as it was a process we had never gone through before. In the end, it became one of our favorite tracks on the record and one that we are extremely proud of. The decision to track guitars rather than MIDI really brought this song to life.” – PRXZM

The track is a soaring success after their impactful year in music in 2017. Following a multitude of collaboration with some of music’s best such as Borgore, Virtual Riot, and Wuki, the duo’s sold out Red Rocks show with Marshmello & Jai Wolf was also a highlight of their year. Through innumerable successes, PRXZM is rising and leaving their mark.

Alexandra Shafran

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