Reid Speed Wants to Bring Out the ‘Animal’ in You.

by Evan Holden 1 year ago

There are some interesting new sound waves coming from the west coast. This new collaboration sprouting from a chance encounter will have you wanting more from the moment the song ends. The new track, ‘Animal’ comes to you from a pair of LA based artists, producer Reid Speed and vocalist Burnheart. Finding a match for your vision as a producer can be tricky, but these two had a certain creative chemistry. Reid Speed even said,

…one day I saw Burnheart posting on facebook about how he was a vocalist and looking for projects to sing on. I sent him the instrumental and his first take was amazing. The song just felt complete! We had never worked together before, nor did I provide any instructions on what I was looking for, and yet he just vibed with the song and it came out magical.

This fresh fusion of hard trap and solid drum & bass comes in smooth, only to introduce ruggedly romantic vocals and a hard and fast breakdown. As the song progresses you can hear the magic happen. The blend of Reid’s renegade style, and Burnheart’s lyrical talent was executed beautifully. Lend your ear to this track, but you might just end up on you feet.

Evan Holden

Contributor | Posts: 21