Robyn’s “RMX/RBN” project closes with remixes from Joakim and Mr. Tophat

by Riley Jenkins 2 years ago

It’s always interesting to see how a fan base reacts when an artist completely changes their style and removes all previous notions of what their music is. For truly great artists it seems to happen naturally, but there’s still plenty of risk in those cases, because even established musicians can fall off the map in a heartbeat. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re finished, but like a losing boxer, it does take some extra time to recover and regroup before they can properly return to the ring. True fans will evolve with the artists they love, and true artists don’t simply cater to their fans. They make music that they want to listen to.

If “RMX/RBN” turns into nothing more than a good time making new music for Robyn, then it can’t possibly be seen as a failure, but there’s no doubt that the style she employs in this remix album has had turbulent reception from both her faithful fans and unsuspecting listeners at the few festival shows she played this summer.

The stripped down style of the album won’t turn away avid EDM fans, but for those who were expecting her to show up with some more of the theatrical pop she has in the past, or people who went to see artists like The Killers or Kanye West that Robyn performed with at the Governor’s Ball Music Festival in New York this June, her set had the potential to be very forgettable.

Maybe by adapting her sound to the new wave of electronic music, Robyn will become even more successful than she has ever been, but it won’t be without opposition from listeners that expected a little more from her.

Check out the last two remixes below and let us know your thoughts:

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