Sexy and Coy, Fareoh’s “Moonlighting” Slides Into Your DMs

by Isra Ziade 1 year ago

New York based producer, Fareoh, released his newest single, “Moonlighting”, on May 12, and it’s quietly bumping its way into our speakers. The unique blend of trap, future bass and RnB gives off a late-night feel that sends a clear message: the party is far from over. The perfect track to send out as a 3 a.m. text to that certain someone you want to share your bed with, or to rage to at a festival as the sun starts to creep into the sky.

The track starts off with comforting melodies, and the soothing vocals of Broderick Jones, slyly building up with strong bass that turns into an intense anthem-like drop. RnB and bass fans alike will agree that this is a track to keep on repeat.

Known for his remix of “Take Me Home” by Cash Cash & Bebe Rexha, 24-year-old Ian Spurrier, known by his stage name, Fareoh, is someone to keep your eyes on, as his command of future bass and trap just continues to improve. Growing from his first single in 2014 “Run Away”, he has amassed a loyal and extensive fan base, as well as support from major EDM hard hitters such as Kaskade, Tiesto, and Hardwell. If you haven’t already, check out his Facebook page and Soundcloud as he releases new tracks and big announcements!

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