shallou Releases a Masterpiece of an EP: Introducing ‘Souls’

by Alexandra Shafran 5 months ago

The well known emotional pull of shallou’s music creates this happy sensibility but this particular EP release had held a different approach for shallou and his artistic direction.The EP is inspired by the cycle of love and heartbreak that two individuals go through in their journey of learning to love each other. The collaboration of multiple artists on such a delicate yet intensely passionate project helped shallou evolve his artistry but also mentioned that “These artists brought more of me out than I would normally be willing to share.”

To top off the raging success of the EP release, shallou announced his Souls World Tour which will start in the corners of Europe and then will come around to do a national sweep across the US.

Check out the dates below to be able to experience this masterpiece live.

October 9 – London, UK
October 10 – Dublin, IE
October 13 – Amsterdam, NL
October 18 – Berlin, DE
October 19 – Paris, FR

North America:
November 1 – Dallas, TX
November 2 – Austin, TX
November 3 – Houston, TX
November 6 – Atlanta, GA
November 8 – Washington, DC
November 9 – Brooklyn, NY
November 10 – New York, NY
November 13 – Montreal, QC
November 14 – Toronto, ON
November 16 – Minneapolis, MN
November 17 – Omaha, NE
November 20 – Denver, CO
November 21 – Salt Lake City, UT
November 23 – Seattle, WA
November 24 – Vancouver, BC
November 25 – Portland, OR
November 28 – San Francisco, CA
November 29 – Los Angeles, CA

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