The Melodies of MYLK Have Us Stuck in a Prism

by Jason Adamchak 2 years ago

Most Addictive Music or more commonly known as MA Music has officially added MYLK to their musical family with her debut track “Prism.” Yuki Kurihara is providing the pure blissful vocals for this joyful song. Ms. Kurihara has been producing for 11 years on and off and with her latest song it shows that she has really outdone herself once again. The introduction paints the image of waves crashing on shore ready for a new beginning with love to take place. As the seasons are about to shift from winter to spring this is the picture-perfect song to listen to while the top is down with the sun shining brightly down on everyone in the car.

The dance music community has seen a major shift in genres with pop style taking a huge liking from dance music lovers all around the world. The sweet and joyful melodies of MYLK blend so well together that it helps send out the message of love calmer and more relaxed. The shining upbeat pop sounds and vocals guarantee smiles on all who choose to listen to this song. Take a listen to the song and shine bright together full of love with MYLK before the tides close in.

Jason Adamchak

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