Titus Drops Dope New Track, “Run It” And a New Music Video

by Hailey Sniderman 2 years ago

Titus is making moves. After quite the successful 2016, 2017 is already looking great as Titus drops a bomb new track. The latest song, “Run It” features production from Myles Williams and the ever so smooth rap vocals from Titus himself. Along with the release of the track we were pleasantly surprised with an accompanied music video.

From any Titus track you can always expect great production and an even doper rap that perfectly matches ;”Run It” does not steer away. With an arrangement of hip-hop/ trap beats and a bouncing sound, we can’t help but bob our heads along to the lyrics. The talent behind Titus’s vocals is mesmerizing as the track runs through, needless to say his rap game is insane.

The video caters to the personality of “Run It” by presenting a colorful vibe with hues of green, blue and purple that highlights around Titus as he raps around the room. This track perfectly depicts the year Titus is about to have, a very memorable and dope one. “Run It” is just the beginning, check out his Facebook @TitusxFM for more of what’s to come for Titus in 2017. As always keep up with us as we expose the latest and greatest. And as Titus himself has said, “Future Moguls forever.”

Hailey Sniderman

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