Vincetone Releases New Single ‘Kaleidoscope’ During Tour

by Evan Holden 2 years ago

Kicking off their tour back in August, Vicetone has been flying through each stop and soaring higher and higher after every performance. Along with the start of the tour the Dutch duo released a new track called ‘Electric‘. Stating that they, “Wanted to give back to their fans,” with the drop of the song they have only continued the streak. Releasing yet another track only a few months later, the two have brought an elegant piece production to the table.

With almost no down time, they are launching the tour under the same name as their new release, ‘Kaleidoscope‘. Bringing the sounds first overseas and then back to North America they have yet to release all their tour dates. You can look forward to the tour to be just as spiritual and uplifting as the new single. Keep your eyes out for a tour date near you here.

Evan Holden

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