Zaxx Mixes In Varying Genres on his Rendition of ‘Bad Tattoo’

by Alexandra Shafran 5 months ago

A beautiful melodic intro is cut through with pleasant vocals and Zaxx introduces a raging drop that fuses bass and melodic elements to make it seem almost as if you were listening to an Illenium track. The emotional melody carries on throughout the track and helps lift the spirit of the listener before coming down with an unexpected twist of taking the same track and making it very bass heavy and comparable to something you would hear Rezz play out during a massive show. A track with varying genres that are so different yet seemed to come together in such a beautiful way was the perfect way for Zaxx to emphasize his versatility and ability to put together a creative blend of multiple variations of bass infusions into one version of ‘Bad Tattoo’.

Alexandra Shafran

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