New Music

4 days ago by Alexandra Shafran

K-lix, known for absolutely moving releases has come around to bring his ‘Drip Everlasting’ EP filled with immense energy and flow. Being a pioneer of electronic music within Guatemala City, K-lixs’ passion is evident even through his music.  (more…)

6 days ago by Alexandra Shafran

Released just a little over a week ago, electro-pop duo PRXZM had released their new single, ‘Queen of Hearts’ on Lowly Palace. The track is a looking glass into their upcoming ‘Come Alive’ EP that will be out June 8th.  (more…)

2 months ago by Jason Adamchak

G-Strings are used in different ways all the time. Often time they are used by festival goers who wear them as part of their outfits at raves or music festivals. However, this “G-String” is no ordinary one. It is actually the latest track from the German dance duo Inpetto.


2 months ago by Jason Adamchak

When most people would say another day, another duo, impeccable duos like Raven & Kreyn are never categorized as such because this is not just any ordinary group. Raven & Kreyn have created a masterpiece full of funky vocals, future sounds, and old-school piano riffs. 


7 months ago by admin

hey! DW showcases her skills as a DJ/drummer powerhouse and British bounce sensation through releasing ‘Breathe’. The track comes together by incorporating baselines,  (more…)

7 months ago by Jason Adamchak

Home State’s first single “Without Your Love” has been featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds & United States Viral 50 playlists and can be found on all major music platforms. In just over a month, the song was streamed over 100K times (more…)